Why E-Learning
is the Best solution? 
must read

Most of us associate School and its learning process with a physical engagement of a classroom, tables, chairs, other students and the teacher of course. We tent to consider distance lessons as something unserious, ineffective or as an addition to the physical lessons at physical school.

Thus, let me break your stereotype with the following arguments!

Myself, Kristina Slauta, your Embroidery Instructor – I am more effective, more qualitative, more proficient Online rather than in Live!

What do I mean?

  1. If you come to my embroidery studio – you will find out how much time needs to be spent at the beginning of the embroidery session, first of all, in order to organize your physical space and learning environment. On the other side, learning on distance allows organizing the day and time for the lesson in the most convenient way.

  2. Second, in fact, I am not always perfect! However, when I create video tutorials – I find a perfect day with a perfect mood, strong and wealthy energy. Like this, I also fill my lessons with only positive and fine emotions.

  3. If you compare my physical and online lessons, you may see a huge difference: the online lessons will be carefully structured, in the best possible way and contain only useful information, the core of the subject without any water in it!

  4. According to recent research – the person may accept 30% to 50% of the total information given during the lesson. Reviewing the video lesson, again and again, helps to complement all missing parts of the whole subject. This is why I prefer to break my lessons into 2-3 video parts, like this, you may understand the theme faster!

  5. Only 5% (of the previous 30 to 50 present of information) is the core – the rest of it is the Form of the Teacher: his image, voice, manners, etc. Thus, the Teacher is the very base of the very information that the student absorbs; he becomes the most important figure, and has no right to carry any week intentions, but has to be always focused and energetic.

I must admit that learning Online has a huge weak point - which is the lack of the Teacher present. We always need someone, who would take our hand and walk us through the difficulties of the studying process. I was thinking about that for a long time and found out that this weakness may be solved very easily: I guide all lessons with my Live support via all possible sources: telephone, e-mail, Skype, what’s up. Like this, I offer my constant availability and aid in order to help you passing thru all difficulties together! 


And most importantly, to help you save the most precious gift nowadays - your TIME