Program Three
Level III


- What is included in the Program -

  • 2 embroidery patterns (White Tulips and Large Flower)

  • 10 Lessons ( 33 pre-recorded video tutorials)

  • package with materials for embroidery (optional)

  • certificate at the end of the course program

  • unlimited guidance and support



This course involves not only classical methods and techniques of luneville embroidery, but it also adds practical skills in coloring with sequins and beads using the Aari or Indian method of embroidery.



You do not need to search for any materials for this course of embroidery: as I offer to send them directly to your home.

Доска с различными языками программирова


All video lessons were previously recorded in English language, however, this implies an unlimited choice of subtitles in any language of the world

Key Wall


After purchasing the program, you will receive a complete List of passwords and links for each lesson.

Выпускники Холдинг Дипломы


Upon completion of the program, you will receive a personalized Certificate with a full description of the course program you completed.


It's interesting

In the process of executing the program, we will use two embroidery patterns: in this way, I am able to reflect the essence of the subject in the most complete and diverse way.

Улыбается девушка

Is it good for me?

The following course is designed for both beginners and experienced embroiderers.

Свет в темноте


The program consists of 10 lessons, however, each lesson may contain from two to five video tutorials (thus, we have the opportunity to cover the subject from all possible sides).

Открытый знак


All video lessons will be opened in free access: you can review them an unlimited amount of times, as well as freely download to your device.

Work Desk


Throughout the course program, I offer unlimited guidance and support in the development of a particular subject / lesson, assuming assistance through any available communication channels.