Lesson 2

In our next lesson, we are going to learn basic principles of tambour embroidery, learn how to make locks in the beginning and in the end of embroidery, how to fix the edges and make two traceries using two types of threads!

Lesson 2. Part 1.

Tambour Stitch

In our first tutorial, we are going to get to know our instrument, learn how to place the needle, and make our first locks and stitches.

Lesson 2. Part 2

Pattern 1

Pattern Transfer

In our next tutorial, we'll master transfering our first pattern on the fabric. Kindly, print the pattern on the regular A4 size paper, prepare the ruler and pencil!

Lesson 2. Part 3.

First Embroidery

Our third part of the lesson is devoted to the tracery. Here, we will embroider our first motive using regular cotton waxed threads!

Lesson 2. Part 4.

Metal threads

In the finishing part of the lesson, we are going to embroider our second tracery using methal threads. Before purchacing any thread, feel free to contact me via email!